About Us

MMC Trip is an online facilitator for medical tourism, that connects patients seeking medical treatments

Medical Tourism

We understand that patients seek the best possible treatment for their medical condition

Wellness Tourism

MMC Trip also helps patients seeking wellness therapies find top-notch wellness service providers.

Our Services

Free Consultation

MMC Trip offers free of cost consultation to every patient who wishes to undergo any treatment.

Affordable Packages

MMC Trip offers complete medical tourism packages, which are customizable according to the patient’s needs and requirements.

Visa Arrangements

We handle the medical visa process for your trip. Just submit all the required documents

Medical Match-Making

Our expert medical team will assess your medical condition, and your medical history to suggest the right healthcare provider.

Telemedicine Services

MMC Trip offers you telemedicine services so that you can consult the best doctors.

Second Opinion

In doubt of your doctor’s medical suggestions? MMC Trip has you covered with second opinion facilities.

Our Treatments

Why Choose MMC Trip?

At MMC Trip, our biggest reward is seeing you in the pink of your health. In this light, we give our complete dedication, determination and devotion into making sure that you receive the best medical treatment with the best medical technology in the best healthcare premises at the hands of the best doctors and other medical staff.

We believe in keeping the whole process transparent so that you or your loved ones are not left in the dark about anything. The bottom line is – we want you to recover efficiently and effectively, and we do our best to help you walk down that road.


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About MMC Trip

At the heart of it, MMC Trip is an online facilitator for medical tourism, that connects patients seeking medical treatments and healthcare services to the best hospitals that provide exactly what the patients need. But what sets MMC Trip apart from the rest is the fact that we are an affordable platform as well – which means, our medical packages are not only customized to suit the patient’s needs, but they are also affordable in the best manner possible.

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